Militarization and Resistance

Video from a panel discussion including Indigenous resistance to border militarization, boycott/divest of companies supplying border surveillance infrastructure, and community resistance to border patrol abuses. From the 2015 Jewish Voice for Peace National Conference.

Vigil at the Checkpoint

On December 7th 2014, on the one year anniversary of our first public action against the Border Patrol checkpoint on Arivaca Rd., the Arivaca community held a 24 hour vigil at the checkpoint for lives lost as a result of the border enforcement policy of using death as a deterrent to migration. In addition to the vigil, community members also monitored the checkpoint for 24 hours straight to deter abusive behavior by Border Patrol agents and to collect data.

Residents Speak Out Against the Checkpoint

Residents voice their feelings about the Border Patrol Checkpoint on Arivaca Rd. during the December 8th rally to deliver the petition calling for its removal.

Rally to Remove the Checkpoint

On Sunday, December 8th, 2013 Arivaca Residents gathered to rally at the checkpoint on Arivaca Rd. and deliver their petition demanding its immediate removal.

Living With Border Patrol Checkpoints

In July 2013 residents of Arivaca, Arizona began a campaign to remove the Border Patrol checkpoint on the road through their town. Local residents speak to their experiences with the checkpoint and the ways in which it has affected local life.

O’odham Solidarity Project: Voices on the Border

A supporter of the O’odham Solidarity Project shares her feelings and insights after spending time with Tohono O’odham in their ancestral homeland. She describes the reality of the system in the United States and what it means here.

She reacts to learning of the militarization of O’odham homelands, the constant abuse of O’odham by US Border Patrol agents, and the ongoing power structure in the United States, which are among the most censored issues by the media.

The interview is on the western portion of Tohono O’odham land, near the so-called US/Mexico border in Arizona.

VIDEO II Voices from the Border