May 27th Day of Action

Over the past twenty years, the southern borderlands have seen unprecedented levels of militarization, transforming our communities in the process. Policing and military infrastructure have flooded the region. Checkpoints, surveillance towers, motion-detector sensors, helicopters, drones, and thousands of agents in the field have become facts of life. We are daily faced with the massive human tragedy caused by US immigration enforcement policies. Borderlands residents live under increasing fear and intimidation in our own communities.

In place of this reality, we are calling for a demilitarized future for the borderlands. On May 27th, borderlands communities and supporters will be acting in concert to demonstrate our vision. Each community will act autonomously and locally to turn back the tide of border militarization. Join us on this powerful day of unity in the southwest borderlands.

Click on the icons on the map below to see more information on actions taking place in various locations. See the joint press release for the day of action here.