Border Stories: A Patagonia Day of Action

As part of the May 27th day of action, organizers in Patagonia will convene an Open Forum with leading cultural and environmental experts talking about border reality and “militarization”, facilitated Q&A and sharing of citizens’ border stories and border vignettes from high school students.

Patagonia requests that any laws or policies created and enacted on the border by the DHS, government officials, or corporate bodies do not waive the cultural and environmental laws that act as protection for the land and the people who call the border home (for example “The authority given to the Secretary of Homeland Security by the Real ID Act has been used to waive federal laws along the border so that walls, roads, and other harmful infrastructure are built without regard to environmental protection or public health and safety”

Location: Town of Patagonia Park
Time: 6pm, Wednesday, May 27th
Facebook Event: