Tohono O’odham Hemajkam Rights Network May 27th Action

Tohono O’odham Hemajkam Rights Network (TOHRN) has announced the following plan for the May 27th Day of Action.

Meet at Tohono Plaza in Sells, AZ

Time: 6PM – 8PM

Event: Vigil in remembrance of Bennett Patricio, those who have lost their lives in the desert, and all those who have been abused and/or experiences trauma due to militarization. In addition to the vigil, we will be hanging banners and releasing a call to action for those at home to light a candle in prayer. Community members will be invited to take a picture and post it on the TOHRN Facebook page under #TOHRNdayofaction.


  1. Respect and Acknowledge Tohono O’odham and Hia-Ced O’odham land
  2. Respect the himdag (way of life)
  3. Respect elders and children
  4. Respect the land and all life on it
  5. No mountaintop surveillance and towers
  6. No checkpoints
  7. No border patrol
  8. No militarization
  9. Freedom of movement
  10. No Borders

TOHRN Website: